An international conference is held in Nairobi


The conference is organized under the auspices of the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) and CORAF/WECARD, with funding from IDRC under the AfricaInteract project.

During the three-day conference (March 10-12), actors in climate change adaptation including research and development experts, will discuss key advances in climate change adaptation research by CGIAR, IARCs and the National Agricultural Research Institutes, review climate change related initiatives in the areas of agriculture, health and urban ecosystems. The conference will share valuable information and knowledge on climate change adaptation and enhanced understanding of evidence-based CSA policy and programme design. It will also reflect on the outcomes of the recently concluded CoP 20 with regards to the case for Africa championed by the African negotiators and deliberate on how informed decision making could contribute towards the development of an effective African Climate Smart alliance. Read more →

Adaptation, a cooling consensus ahead of Paris 2015


In an effort to make sure adaptation is implemented within the southern African region, the Food Agriculture Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) and West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (CORAF/WECARD) commissioned three studies reviewing climate change impacts on agricultural, health and urban sectors.

Evidence from studies (FANRPAN) and (CORAF/WECARD), highlight that while there is unequivocal evidence that the climate is changing, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the pace and extent of change and its impacts on different sub-regions, sectors, nations, and communities.

Evidence from the studies reveal that this uncertainty makes policy decisions more complex and magnifies the need for Africa to build its knowledge and analytical base as well as strengthening the capacity of country and regional institutions to address issues related to climate change. Read more →

Presentation of the achievements of the AFRICAINTERACT Project to the Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Economy of the African Union

TOF2 MODIFIEThe 15th Anniversary celebration of FARA was held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 24 to 28 November at the Birchwood Hotel. The celebration attracted about 500 participants representing different categories including scientists, politicians, producers, development partners, NGOs, agribusiness, and policy makers. Among them was, Her Excellency Tumusiime Rhoda Peace, Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture of the Commission of the African Union.

Dr Abdulai Jalloh AfricaInteract project coordinator briefed Her Excellency on the status of implementation of the project as well as the results achieved. In addition two documents were presented: a flyer showing the overview of the project: goal, objectives, and the achievements in terms of adaptation to climate change in sub-Saharan Africa ,and a review report titled ‘Summary of Research and evaluation of gaps in research and policy: Urban Areas, Agriculture and Health ” produced by AfricaInteract CORAF / WECARD and its partners.

Her Excellency Rhoda Peace Tumusiime congratulated Dr Jalloh and his team for their brilliant work in the field of climate change adaptation that enables the vulnerable population of Sub-Saharan Africa to better adapt to the vagaries of change climate.

Le rôle des décideurs politiques revu par les scientifiques

photo article 1La célébration du FARA, qui s’est tenue à Johannesburg du 24 au 28 Novembre a permis à ce dernier de fêter ses 15 années d’existence dans le développement de l’agriculture Africaine. Cet important évènement a été marqué par la tenue de nombreuses sessions parallèles dont une sur le thème du changement climatique intitulée « Faire du développement de la recherche d’une agriculture intelligente face au climat le moyen d’atteindre la sécurité alimentaire en Afrique ». Cette cession sur le changement climatique présidée par le Dr Salamo Bangali à la salle Cape Town International Room de l’hôtel Birchwood a pris deux jours et avait pour objectif d’instaurer un dialogue efficace entre les chercheurs, les décideurs politiques ainsi que la population sur les problématiques liés à l’établissement d’une agriculture intelligente face au climat.
Prenant la parole au cours des discussions, Le Dr Abdulai Jalloh, gestionnaire du programme Ressources Naturelles au CORAF/WECARD et coordonnateur du projet AfricaInteract a fait une présentation sur l’appropriation par les décideurs politiques de la recherche sur le changement climatique. Selon Dr Jalloh, l’appropriation de la recherche constitue un domaine très complexe nécessitant un environnement favorable c’est-à-dire l’instauration d’un bon climat entre chercheurs et décideurs politiques. Read more →

The role of policy makers reviewed by scientists

photo article 1The FARA celebration , which was held in Johannesburg from 24 to 28 November has enabled FARA to celebrate its 15 years of existence in the development of African agriculture. This important event was marked by the holding of numerous parallel sessions including one on the subject of climate change entitled “Making research development of a climate smart agriculture the way to achieve food security in Africa”.This climate change session was chaired by Dr. Salamo Bangali. The aim was to establish an effective dialogue between researchers, policy makers and the public about issues related to the establishment of a climate smart agriculture.

Speaking during the discussion, Dr. Abdulai Jalloh, Program Manager of Natural Resources Management of CORAF / WECARD and coordinator of the AfricaInteract project made a presentation on the use of the results of the research on climate change by policymakers. According to Dr Jalloh, the use of the results of the research is a complex area that requires a good working relationship between researchers and policy makers. This in effect requires policy makers taking responsibility for the dissemination of research. There is a serious problem in this area because in spite of the many researches done in the terms of adaptation on climate change, the problems still persist and the question remains is ‘whether the researches done by the scientists are not good enough, the results of the researches are not convincing, or there is insufficient flow of information for proper use. Read more →

Launch in Antananarivo of Review of research and policies for climate change adaptation in Sub Saharienne Africa in Health, Agriculture and Urban areas in Southern Africa

 TALENTUS AND KINGOn the 1st of October 2014, FANRPAN officially launched three research reports on climate change adaptation in Southern Africa. The reports were a review of research and policies for climate change adaptation in the agriculture, health and urban sectors in Southern Africa. They were launched by His Royal Highness, Prince Seeiso Bereng Seeiso of the Kingdom of Lesotho during the 2014 FANRPAN Annual High Level Food and Nutrition Security Multi-stakeholder Dialogue which was held from the 29th of September 2014 to the 2nd of October 2014 in Antananarivo, Madagascar. The FANRPAN Regional Dialogue was attended by more than 200 delegates who include senior officials of national governments, representatives of regional economic organizations, development partners, network partners, and country nodes representing farmers’ organizations, agri-business, development partner agencies and parliamentarians. Read more →

The Annuel High Level Food and Nutrition Security Regional Policy Dialogue is held in Antananarivo

_MG_02312014 High-level Dialogue on Food and Nutrition Security in Africa and the general meeting of FANRPAN (Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network) ran in Antananarivo from September 29th to October 2rd 2014. The opening ceremony took place on September 30th, in the Ministry of Agriculture and was chaired by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Madagascar Roland Ravatomanga in the presence of Mr. Silver Chuula, Chairman of the Board of FANRPAN, and Mrs. Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, Chief  Executive Director and Head of Delegation of FANRPAN.

In his speech Mr. Roland Ravatomanga said he is pleased to the choice focused on Antananarivo to host the festivities under the theme “policies for Climate Smart Agriculture on family farming in Africa”. On behalf of the President of the Republic His Excellency Mr. Hery Martial Rakotoarimanana Rajaonarimampianina, the government and the Read more →